University of Wisconsin

Head Coach: Marisa Moseley, 2021-

1Avery LabarberaHalle DouglassKrystyna EllewSania Copeland
2Julie PospisilovaNatalie LeuzingerSania CopelandMary Ferrito
3Sara StapletonBrooke SchramekMary FerritoLily Krahn
4Halle DouglassKrystyna EllewLily KrahnRonnie Porter
5Natalie LeuzingerSania CopelandRonnie PorterTessa Towers
6Brooke SchramekMary FerritoTessa TowersSacia Vanderpool
7Krystyna EllewLily KrahnSacia VanderpoolSavannah White
8Sania CopelandRonnie PorterSavannah WhiteMatyson Wilke
9Mary FerritoTessa TowersMatyson WilkeSerah Williams
10Lily KrahnSacia VanderpoolSerah WilliamsTessa Grady
11Ronnie PorterSavannah WhiteTessa GradyD’Yanis Jimenez
12Tessa TowersMatyson WilkeD’Yanis JimenezImbie Jones
13Sacia VanderpoolSerah WilliamsImbie JonesLeena Patibandla
14Savannah WhiteTessa GradyLeena PatibandlaGracie Grzesk
15Matyson WilkeD’Yanis JimenezGracie Grzesk
16Serah WilliamsImbie Jones
17Leena Patibandla
Table is based on current roster and public commits. May not accurately reflect walk-ons, incoming transfers, or extra Covid years.